When you’re happy, there is little reason to look for change.

That’s how it was for Alice Chin, a Keller Williams associate out of the Naperville (Ill.) market center. A little over a year ago, she was going on 12 years at Coldwell Banker and had ranked number one in total sales and volume for the past two years. But after building relationships with leaders at the KW market center and attending BOLD and Mega Camp, she knew there was more she could accomplish.

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“Attending the [KW] events allowed me to see everything I was missing out on that could benefit my business,” Chin shares. “It was clear that I was missing structure, templates and coaching to properly support my team. For the last three years, I had been asking my broker for these things and raising my hand for help. Once I realized it wasn’t going to happen, I needed to make a change to get the help I needed. The more I talked with Caryn [Prall], the more I realized my career could advance at Keller Williams.”

A Smooth Transition

While Chin knew why she should make the move, the concern still remained: How will I transfer my business with as little disruption as possible? It was a thought that quickly dissipated. Prall, team leader at the market center, was at Chin’s side every step of the way.

“When I came over, I had 30 listings I had to transfer, and one of my admins had left for vacation. Caryn rolled up her sleeves and got me going; even at 11 o’clock at night, she was with me to be sure the paperwork was transferred properly so we wouldn’t miss a beat,” Chin remembers.

Year One at Keller Williams

The first year at Keller Williams has been full of growth and breakthroughs for Chin.

Before she moved, she diplomatically parted ways with some members of her team and worked with Prall to rebuild and restructure a new one using principles from TheMillionaire Real Estate Agent. The face-to-face support was imperative.

“I had read [the] MREA before – and I technically could have gone back to the book and implemented the principles – but nothing replaces being in a supportive environment and seeing how other teams have implemented the model.”

Today, she has a powerhouse group of nine, including herself. In just one year, their production has soared to 30 percent above what Chin produced at Coldwell Banker.

“There were tough decisions Alice had to make,” Prall recounts. “But she was willing to dig in, and now she’s up $15 million from last year. That adds to her bottom line.”

A large part of The Alice Chin Team’s success has come from a keen awareness of their roles and responsibilities.

  • Inside Sales Agent: Handles both inbound and outbound sales; first point of contact for potential clients
  • Marketing Assistant (Databank Ninja): Manages the team’s 36 Touch program, database and past client care
  • Listing Specialist:Works with sellers and potential sellers, converts leads to appointments, provides high-level fiduciary advice on pricing strategies 
  • Buyer Specialist (3): Works with potential buyers, researches homes, coordinates tours, negotiates sales
  • Transaction Coordinator: Works with clients from contract to close, coordinates closing with lenders, attorneys and other entities
  • Listing Coordinator: Handles all the listing details from the time the listing agreement is signed to when it goes under contract

Their dedication to the Career Growth Initiative has also accelerated their growth. In the beginning of the year, they agreed on production goals and committed to reviewing the following numbers daily: appointments, listings taken, closings and profit. ISAs track calls made and appointments.

“We decided as a team, that in order to reach our goals we set, we naturally had to increase the number of listing appointments. It wouldn’t work if we repeated what I did last year,” Chin shares.

With the proper leverage in place, Chin has spent the year focusing on what will keep her production climbing … leads. She blocks off time every morning for lead follow-up, transaction negotiation, lead conversion, and appointment review.

“If I wanted to make money, I needed to be disciplined with my schedule,” she shares.

The most rewarding part of Chin’s year has been watching her leadership skills grow. While management is always a work in progress, she feels she has struck a balance of candor and care as she holds her team accountable to their goals.

“I feel like I’ve perfected the balance of when I need to be honest and pointed in my feedback and show finesse and care,” she shares. “I’ve discovered that each person on the team is different and responds to feedback differently. It’s definitely been a work in progress and failing forward.”

As Naperville’s leading agent enters year two with KW, she looks forward to continuing to empower others and growing her team’s brand.

“Our goal is to be the team of choice in our market to the point when someone thinks of real estate, they won’t think of anyone else.”

While the reason for making a brokerage change is personal for each and every agent, the desire to grow personally and professionally is evident in all.

As any current KW agent knows, Keller Williams is more than just a real estate company. It’s a powerful platform where you can establish your brand, grow your business and fund your big life.

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